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Browse Science - Home & Education : 151-200 programs listed after popularity

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  • SwingNN  151)   SwingNN 3.0
    Your data is imported into a grid and used to train a neural network. The input values are forced to swing beyond their limits. The output values are forecasted by the neural network.

  • Free Unit Converter  152)   Free Unit Converter 2.0
    Free Unit Converter is a quick and effective way to make easy unit conversions between 5000 various units of measure in 21 categories. This program designed not only for the professionals (students, teachers, scientists), but also for ordinary users.

  • FiltersCAD  154)   FiltersCAD 1.0
    FiltersCAD is a comprehensive PC based filter synthesis software package (32-Bit GUI for Windows95/98/ME/NT 4.x/2000/XP). FiltersCAD provides active circuit synthesis with PSpice *.cir netlist generation.

  • powerpoint_presentations  155)   powerpoint_presentations 1.0
    powerpoint presentations, information for your desktop, Find powerpoint_presentations ebook resources easily find information on powerpoint_presentations you need to day to day, directly on your desk top knowledge made easy and transportable

  • ABC Rotating Numbers and Dzen  156)   ABC Rotating Numbers and Dzen 006
    Look first at the number in the middle of the rotating circle. Whatever that number is notice how many other examples of that same number are circling around it and enter the number

  • Satellite pictures of my House  157)   Satellite pictures of my House 1
    Satellite pictures of my House is a simple tips on how to use, find or obtain satellite pictures of your house using the free version of earth explorer.View or save satellite pictures of your house to your computer.

  • MB Free Body Mass Index  158)   MB Free Body Mass Index 1.25
    MB Free Body Mass Index is an interesting health software that calculates the body mass index of a person which is calculated from the body height and weight. This index is an indicator of body wellness and lets a person know where he stands.

  • Lower Blood Pressure  160)   Lower Blood Pressure 1.0
    Lower Blood Pressure - More About Blood Pressure. Find out more ways to lower blood pressure, foods that lower blood pressure, how to lower blood pressure, how to lower blood pressure before testing. Very easy to use application.

  • Stay Away Alergies Software  161)   Stay Away Alergies Software 1.0
    Software to check which particular item which causes allergy. Compare the food items which causes alergy Alergies and its reaction Alergic substance usage check

  • Wieght Loss E-Calculator  162)   Wieght Loss E-Calculator 2.0
    Wieght watchers Software help in selection of weight loss and calorie intake. The keyw features include 1. Visible is your daily weight 2. daily caloric-intake 3. daily calories burned 4. bodily measurements 5. meal with the nutritional values

  • Shultc table 04  163)   Shultc table 04 011
    Wide eyes develop speed reading. Our eyes have their clearest vision in the central zone of view. Everything that lies outside this central zone is seen as a frog would see it. This broad field of vision makes the searching process shorter. It is pos

  • Weight Loss  164)   Weight Loss 1.0
    weight loss 1.0 is an educational software that helps people lose weight. It is different from any program because the software helps you understand the process of losing weight such as the basics of lowering the amount of calories.

  • 2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition  165)   2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition 2.0
    This application uses a highly flexible, general, finite element method for static and dynamic analysis of multi span beams, 2D Trusses and 2D Frames. It features a powerful, interactive and easy interface.

  • MB Arabic Astrology  166)   MB Arabic Astrology 1.15
    MB Arabic Astrology is a wonderful and interactive astrological software that tells you about your Arabic personality traits depending on your date of birth. The program also provides insightful hints about the merits and demerits of several signs.

  • MB Sabian Symbols  167)   MB Sabian Symbols 1.15
    Sabian Symbols are 360 symbolic images and messages corresponding to the 360 degrees of the zodiac. Sabian symbols are also known as the “360 Degrees of Wisdom”. This tool can be used to bring about clarity and inspiration in you spiritual thinking.

  • Internet Entrepreneurial Success Kit  168)   Internet Entrepreneurial Success Kit 1.0
    "Internet Entrepreneurial Success Kit" is a 36 page ebook teaching the foundations of what makes a successful internet business. It goes through what mindset you need, the failure/success rate of most people online and much more.

  • Run Your Cars on Water Now  169)   Run Your Cars on Water Now 1.2
    Stop wasting your money on gas. The technology called run your car on water allows you to increase gas mileage by using water as additional fuel.

  • VisProt3DS  170)   VisProt3DS 3.02
    In the age of Molecular Biology you have a chance to analyze Proteins in 3D STEREO mode on your computer, which you have just now. VisProt3DS can show Proteins and DNA, using the cheapest Anaglyph stereo mode, which can work on any usual computer.

  • Water4Gas TM  171)   Water4Gas TM 1.0
    Use water4gas technology which allows to increase gas mileage by at least 40%. Save your money on fuel costs.

  • Water 4 Gas Tutorial  172)   Water 4 Gas Tutorial 1.0
    Water 4 Gas Tutorial is a professionally made video detailing how to make your car run on water. It goes through how the technology actually works, why we NEED it now, and more. It also links to major guides online such as Water Car Pro.

  • MB Eris Astrology  173)   MB Eris Astrology 1.25
    MB Eris Astrology describes the placement of the asteroid Eris or Xena in your birth chart. This sign helps you understand yourself and know more about the discord and problems that you may face.

  • MB Mayan Animal Sign  174)   MB Mayan Animal Sign 1.20
    MB Mayan Animal Sign finds your Mayan animal sign from your date of birth. Each animal of the Mayan zodiac is attributed with different characteristics which are reflected in your personality.

  • Audio Multi-Channel Generator  175)   Audio Multi-Channel Generator 5.05
    Eight-channel multi-tone audio frequency sinusoidal & noise signal generator is intended for adjusting and measuring parameters of audio equipment.

  • HWV Run Your Car On Water  176)   HWV Run Your Car On Water 1.0
    Find out the truth about running your car on water: whether it's one big scam, why you should do it, whether you need technical knowledge, how much it costs and more.

  • Water Powered Car Pro  177)   Water Powered Car Pro 1.0
    Want to save tons of money on gas? If so, then running your car on water is an IDEAL solution. You're about to find discover 62 ways to save gas, as well as the process for converting your car into a water burning hybrid.

  • Chemspread PRO  178)   Chemspread PRO 3.3
    Free Java Applet is a chemistry spreadsheet calculator - balances virtually any chemical equation and follows up with stoichiometry calculations as well as equillibrium calculations in spreadsheet fashion. Includes Tutorial. Demo at

  • RRs Unit Converter  179)   RRs Unit Converter 3.0c
    Universal unit converter and dictionary with a database that contain over 1000 units. From Biblical to Astronomical. User defined simple and compound units.

  • What Is Menopause  180)   What Is Menopause 1.0
    What Is Menopause - A free to use application - Find information like menopause symptoms, menopause treatment, what causes menopause and more. Easy to install and use.

  • Satellite images  181)   Satellite images 2
    View amazing satellite images of earth with the free version of google earth software.Google earth is a totally free software which enables you zoom in from satellite,view,rotate or tilt just like a camera of the entire earth inside your pc.

  • Run Your Car On Water Story  182)   Run Your Car On Water Story 1.0
    This is an interesting video revealing the truth about running your car on water, and how the technology was suppressed by huge oil companies. Included is a link to a 200 page book on how to convert your car to run on water.

  • Run Your Car on Water TM  183)   Run Your Car on Water TM 1.0
    Run your car on water is a technology which allows to increase gas mileage by running your car on hydrogen which is produced from water. It helps to increase fuel efficiency and save mpney on fuel costs.

  • RadioTelephone Tutor  184)   RadioTelephone Tutor 10.0DM
    Takes the guesswork out of preparing for the FCC GROL, Radar & Ham Radio Exams. Drills on missed questions, till you know the answers backwards & forwards. Speeds up preparing for the exams. Easy to use. Creates practice tests.

  • Earth 4 Energy Kit  185)   Earth 4 Energy Kit 1.0
    Discover how to eliminate your power bill by generating your own electricity - save hundreds of dollars each year. These are the secrets power companies DON'T want you to know. This free software includes a library of information on the topic.

  • Sample SAT Essays  186)   Sample SAT Essays 1.0
    Sample SAT Essays that can help you study for the SAT Essay. Sample sat essays helps you learn good sat essay form through modeling. This is one of the key ways to learn anything including sat essay writing.

  • Run Your Car on Water L1  187)   Run Your Car on Water L1 1.0
    Run your car on water is a special device which is installed into your car to increase gas mileage by at least 20%. Some people say that it can even increase gas mileage by 40%.

  • Math Center Level 1  188)   Math Center Level 1
    Math software for students studying precalculus. Math Center Level 1 consists of Graphing calculator 2D, Advanced Calculator, Simple Calculator, Simple Calculator, Simple Rational Calculator, and Simple Integer Calculator.

  • Water4Gas Ltd  189)   Water4Gas Ltd 1.0
    Water4gas is a special device which is used to increase gas mileage, stop air polution and save money on gas. If you don't want to spend half of your monthly income on fuel, water4gas is what you need.

  • BSAcalc  190)   BSAcalc 1.6
    BSAcalc is the freeware program for the calculation of the Surface Area of the Body and Body Mass Index. The distinctive feature of BSAcalc is that it has a large selection of formulas for the calculation. Simple convenient user interface.

  • Only Truth in Science Counts  191)   Only Truth in Science Counts 1.0
    Truth in Science Counts is a multimedia, interactive, Adventure in Science, exploring the Universe we live in. Why are we here? Was Darwin right? Did life evolve or was it created? Does radiometric dating prove the earth is billions of years old?

  • Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator  192)   Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator
    Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator is a very easy to use tool to perform gps coordinate conversions. Supported projections: Transverse Mercator, Lambert Conformal Conic, UTM, Gauss Kruger, Stereographic, Albers Equal Area, Oblique Mercator and more.

  • The Water 4 Gas Story  194)   The Water 4 Gas Story 1.0
    Find out about huge oil/gas conspiracies, and Stanley Meyer's water 4 gas invention that was suppressed by larger forces. This is a 7 minute video going through everything. Includes information on how to run your car on water.

  • Build An Electric Car  195)   Build An Electric Car 1.0
    This is a tutorial on how to convert your current gasoline-fueled car into an electric car. If you are thinking of making an electric car (and cutting your gas costs to zero) then you need to get this and apply it.

  • How To Build An Electric Car  196)   How To Build An Electric Car 1.0
    Find out EXACTLY how to convert your gas-guzzling car into an electric car. This is a full on software application that contains everything you need to know about converting your car into an electric car.

  • Mimics Medical Image Processing  197)   Mimics Medical Image Processing 12.1
    Mimics translates CT and MRI scanner data into full 3D models, finite element meshes or rapid prototyping data (STL) within minutes and it allows you to simulate surgical procedures.

  • Numecon  198)   Numecon 1.02
    Numecon is Computer Numerical Control interpreter.Software is designed for driving lathes, mills, routers, lasers or other machines.

  • Gogle Earth Download  199)   Gogle Earth Download 1
    The Goggle Earth download lets you actually interact with the map. It isn't just a program, it is a community.Once you get a Google Earth download, you have many choices about what information to display.You can look at local businesses.

  • Mac Computer Dictionary - LAN  200)   Mac Computer Dictionary - LAN 1.0
    Apple Mac Lesson - What is a LAN explained in Plain English. A LAN is a common computer term that a lot of people don't understand very well, if at all. This lesson will use Plain English to explain it in a way that will finally make sense.

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